Earn money by article writing

But it isn’t easy. You have to have an excellent level of English and follow the style guidelines very carefully. The pay rate is between 25 cents and 36 cents per audio minute. It is actually easier than rev. In my opinion, because the files are just clearer to understand the job availability is low, I wouldn’t say it’s shallow. But there is a lot of waiting around until you get assigned a job. The payment method is PayPal, and it is worldwide, so you can apply if you are from anywhere. I’m going to go over and show you a little bit about transcribing me now. Okay, so right now, I am showing you the transcribe now. I have passed the transcribe me exam two different times. You can see here the English entrance exam.

The Certain Period of Time

I took it on February 6, 2020. It says passed click on that. You can see I passed the first try for both the sample sentences, question style guide questions first, second, and third audio. So once you get accepted, you can go to work, huh dot transcribe me.com. And here is where work will pop up. Unfortunately, if you do not do enough work, and as you can see here, I didn’t submit anything after I got tested. I’ve done it in the past, and the first time passed, transcribe me, and then I got accepted again to do my tutorial the second time but didn’t actually submit any work. So once that happens, you don’t submit any work for a certain period of time. They sort of like deactivate your account without really telling you.

So as you can see here, I have an account, go to my exams, it says I’ve passed, but I can’t actually do any jobs, which is really unfortunate. Basically, what I would have to do to starting work again would be to get another email and redo the entire test. But they don’t actually say anywhere why I’m not able to get work. I’ve done this before. And I emailed them and asked them what the problem was. And they said if a certain amount of time passes, you will lose access to your account. So if you do get accepted into transcribing, I recommend trying to do a couple of files, you know, a month, to keep your account active. So basically, what happens when you get accepted. You can see it in my tutorials on Transcribe. You will have work that will automatically be assigned to you. So you’re basically opened in a page like this. And it’s basically saying waiting for work. And unlike the QA world and rev where you have to click start work. They will assign you a file automatically that you can start transcribing. And then you’ll be sort of like in this queue, you’ll do one file, and you submit it, and Then you’ll get automatically get another file. So there is work available. I don’t think there’s as much work as is available in rev or scribe. But the pay is better than a scribe. And it’s comparable to rev. Usually, the files are much easier to transcribe because they’re quite small and bite-sized. So o think once you get accepted into transcribing, the work is easier than it is in rev or scribe, or ane other platforms.

Crowd Platforms

But there isn’t as much work as there is with rev or scribie. On the next two platforms, I want to talk to you about our crowd surf work and casting words. As you can see, I was accepted into both platforms, crowd surf work, and the test difficulties average. It wasn’t that difficult. The pay is between three cents and 20 cents per minute. So it’s not that high. Job availability, it’s average. I’ve seen quite a few hits, they call them, which are basically just little tasks, and you get paid a certain amount of money to do the task.

The payment method varies. You could get paid through PayPal through a bank transfer or this WM Visa card since they pay you either through mturk or work market. And this is worldwide. Now the problem with crowd surf work when I applied way back, and you can see in my tutorials on this and get accepted, I was given the account information within the same week and started doing work and had no issues. They have two different options you can apply as either from the USA or Canada or as international. And what I’m finding is with both of these people, right now, once people are passing the test, they’re not being given their login credentials.

Final Words

So I think that right now, since the whole pandemic and people losing their jobs, they’ve had so many different applicants, so many people being accepted that even if you do the test and pass, you’ll be waiting and waiting weeks or months to get your login credentials. So right now, as of you know, the end of 2020, almost 2021, I don’t recommend you apply to crowd surf work until you see that. Or until people you can read comments on youtube videos, or Trustpilot, people are actually getting their login credentials because people are saying the support isn’t answering. But if you do have an account with them, it’s pretty consistent work and, you know, easy enough to do. The other one I want to talk to you about is casting words. Again, the test difficulty is average. It’s that hard to pass. The pay rate can really range between eight cents and $1 per audio minute. But the job availability is deficient.

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