How to Build A PC

How to build the PC Right Okay And I will be doing the software side, Which involves how to set up your BIOS, How to install Windows, And how to install all your drivers But before we get into that, I want to thank our sponsors for today As you can see Everything is from Gigabyte Aorus.

So a big shout out to them So if you want to consider getting something from them Similar to what Julian gave me in the previous video Previous Previous?? Video Yeah! This is something that you can get And look at! Color-coordinated! Very nice, eh! Yeah, thank you, Gigabyte, for supplying these components. It’s just one thing less to worry about. That’s right, now let’s go on to hardware.


So what components do you need to build a PC? You need a CPU CPU cooler Motherboard GPU RAM Storage Either HDD SSD NVMe SSD Or A combination of the 3 PSU And case The only tool you need is a Swiss Army knife that Hopefully has a Phillips screwdriver I mean You need a Phillips screwdriver If you are planning to install an M.2 NVMe SSD You might need a smaller bit screwdriver Because the screws are smaller lah! Other tools that may help you are Torchlight Pliers Wire cutters Zip ties, And if you have carpeted floors, Antistatic wrist band Because static can damage your components Nex,t Where can you buy these PC components? In Singapore, You basically have two places you can go to The online stores And offline stores.

Physical stores! Online stores consist of Lazada Shopee And for physical stores you have places like I mean Sim Lim Square lah Both have their pros and cons For online stores There are tonnes of advantages You don’t have to leave your house You get to order everything In the comfort of your own home You can compare prices easily at a glance But there are disadvantages too. They come in the form of shipping fees.

Components Deals Online

Higher prices There are few PC components deals online So you are not getting your value for money And not forgetting shipping timings Because you can only start building When every single component is here So if every component comes within the day Except for 1 That 1 component takes one week to arrive You cannot start your PC build For physical stores in Sim Lim Square The best part about them is that If you buy multiple parts Meaning like, you know All your components of a PC, They will give you a good discount And sometimes they will even build the PC for free! But why you want to do that? Where got fun? But you do have to set aside some time to go there. Sometimes it might take 1 hour; Sometimes it might take 6.

The timing will vary depending on the parts you want. Sometimes there might be no stock. It might take some time to get the stocks you want. If you don’t drive, You have to take a Grab or taxi, Which might add to the cost of building your PC. I mean, you can take the bus lah, But you know, Carry the thing Heavy That’s also con lah, y’ know Tiring So let’s get into the build So the goal of this PC Is to have a high-end all AMD build Yes, we’re going Team Red! So this PC will roughly cost $3000, But I’ll have the exact price around. I know this will exceed the budget for a lot of you all. Don’t worry; I will provide cheaper alternatives To the individual PC components In the form of supers Like this! *sound of supers being born* So let’s get our hands dirty! For today’s build I got the Aorus X570 Xtreme This board has it all It has the X570 chipset (obviously) 3 slots of M.2 6 SATA ports USB type C 3.2 front panel connector Wifi 6 and 10G LAN to name a few For people who overclock This board features an easy clear CMOS button at the back Q code LED display 2 x 8 pin CPU power connecter Power and reset switch And the board is designed for easy voltage measurements The majority of you probably won’t need most of the features I mentioned But this may give you an idea on what to look out for In a motherboard So you can buy a motherboard That’s suitable for your needs So you wanna prepare your motherboard by Unboxing your motherboard.

And placing it on top of the motherboard box I’m putting it upright so that I can show you guys better Then you can prepare your CPU I got the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X Look for the triangle on the CPU Then locate a similar triangle on the CPU socket On the motherboard Take out your CPU By holding it by the sides Be very careful not to touch the gold pins Lift the metal arm of the CPU socket Align the triangle on the CPU to the triangle on the socket Drop the I’ll be doing the X method for this build Then you can screw in the copper base to the socket Making sure to tighten the screws in a criss-cross manner Be careful not to tighten 1 side too much As this will put uneven pressure on the thermal paste And the CPU And that is baaaad Now Prepare your case by unscrewing the side panels Laying it flat And making sure the PC is free of any cables If you have an ATX board Make sure you have 9 standoffs at these 9 areas Before you install the motherboard in the case It’s here Here x2 Here x3 Here x4 Here x5 Here x6 Here x7 Here x8 And here x9 Now you can lower your motherboard carefully into the case And align the screw holes of the motherboard to the stand offs Screw in the motherboard With confidence But not too tight! With the screws provided with the case.

Final Words

To be safe, you can do a criss-cross manner as well, making sure not to overtighten them As this can bend the motherboard And das not So I will need just 1 SATA cable And 1 PCI-E 6+2 pin If you want more RGB You may need additional power cables Depending on your case Or the LED strips you have to Insert the required cables into the PSU Install the PSU by screwing four screws at the allocated slots For this case It’s at the bottom of the case

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