How to Create a Drama

Is it normal for enfps to create drama everywhere they go? This is a very, very good question sent from an ENFP in my ENFP unleashed program. Let’s add a bit more to that. This has recently happened to me for the third time in six months. I tend to lose friendships this way and end up feeling that I’ve done something wrong and should have just stayed quiet. Still, my ENFP brain knows that the situation was wrong. I could see the bigger picture see the injustice, and just needed to resolve it, so do enfps create drama everywhere.

We go, should we just shut our mouths and let injustice go on, or is there another way to find some happy middle ground so? As for the first question, is this normal.

Travel Drama

If you’ve watched my video on the six human needs, it’s the longer one it’s about 30 minutes it’s essential viewing if you want to be a true student of this channel if you’ve watched that video you know that many of us enfps we have a strong need for uncertainty or excitement or variety we like newness we like to keep on our toes we get bored really easily and what this means is if we are not meeting that need healthily for example with an exciting job a very passionate lover of travel around the world that we may create drama we may date psycho people we may get into arguments we didn’t really want to have to get that type of stimulation so that is definitely a real possibility for why enfps may be more likely to create some drama.

I also think we tend to be pretty free-spoken right we share our opinions   and we’re willing to make statements we’re not the most political people right   really being careful what we say to absolutely everyone at least not when we’re in the flow   maybe we’ve had a few drinks or we feel really comfortable with someone and this is going to   be true for you if it’s true for you now it will probably be true for you on some level for a lot   of your life and so what I’ve always done with it is embrace it and find your true friends find the   people who will appreciate that most of my friends are a lot more let’s say nuanced or   political with how they express their opinions than i am and that’s okay they appreciate me for   keeping things interesting for being so outspoken in certain cases or whatever it is and that can   create a really good loyal friendship it also means your friends know where you stand and people   appreciate that especially in longer-term deeper friendships the person who’s a little offended.

Old Person in Drama

Just uncomfortable because maybe you’re a bit loud or outspoken or might curse occasionally I don’t know if that’s the person you really want to be a good friend with because if you become good friends with that person, let’s say it’s your friend of yours, partner. They’re like, oh so-and-so gets thrown off by this or whatever, okay, cool. You can start censoring yourself, but how far does that go. I’m not saying you shouldn’t censor yourself a little bit for sure. If you’re hanging out with an older person who really likes calm around them, like maybe your grandmother, you shouldn’t be like yelling at them as if you were in a nightclub with your friends. Of course, you should adjust yourself at different times with different people. Still, you have to be careful of how far that goes, like at what point are you just not being yourself at all.

Are you using all your energy to filter yourself and restrict what you’re saying, and that’s going to be pretty draining and not so fun? Also, it may actually rob you of meeting the people who would really love you in more of your natural personality now. With that said, I got a feeling from your question that this has to do with maybe calling people out on things and saying this is wrong or this is right? I have to say I’ve become a lot more, let’s say, stoic with this over the years in terms of not doing so in a personal environment in a personal relationship. I’ll give you an example. Some of you know my videos on multi-level marketing and how I feel. I was out for drinks the other night myself and gabby and another couple here in Spain.

The guy is involved in multi-level marketing, not one of the really sleazy ones where you like to change companies every three months and convince people who barely speak English to do it it’s more like an Avon and like a long-term product they’ve been doing it 15 years so really not so bad nothing I have a   big problem with it all actually. Still, in any case, I’m not gonna start calling him out on everything over drinks and make a big scene and be like gabby we have to go even if he was involved in maybe a more of a borderline multi-level marketing business now at a certain point.

Final Words

If it were like, oh, this is the scammer from what’s that one coin, then I’d probably have to call the police. You know, make a big stink about it all. Still, you have to pick your battles and realize like you might not know what the hell you’re talking about. One of the things with the enfps is we get really into stuff right; I wouldn’t be surprised if you look through the track record of many fps. There’s a point where we may be vegan or have a certain strong religion or anti-religion.

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