Honda Civic Test Drive

I saw Hot Hatch immediately think of Honda Civic Type R Golf GTI Golf R Mercedes-AMG A45S and other models. So obviously It is not a Hot Hatch According to my test drive experience, Of course, the most important thing is This car is not Geely Binyue It is Proton X50 Or Chinese people are used to calling it “Bao Teng Cha Wu Ling” First of all Rippling front grille of the Geely family Became Proton’s Infinite Weave Front Grille Come to the blue logo of Geely Also replaced with Proton New.

Road Conditions in Malaysia

Tiger Head Logo In addition, Proton also focused on the road conditions in Malaysia Re-adjusted the hardness of the suspension 1.5T Premium and 1.5TGDi Flagship With 215/55 R18 Continental UltraContact UC6 tires And match the red brake calipers Proton X50 share the engine with the new Volvo XC40 T5 Recharge The same 1.5L three-cylinder Turbo engine Top Spec This is the 1.5TGDi Flagship version using Direct Injection technology It has 174.5hp (177PS) and 255Nm Port Injection is used for lower version With 148hp (150PS) and 226Nm So this top version of X50 It accelerates from 0-100km/h in just 7.9 seconds So the data of this car RON92 gasoline is used for calculation In other words, if you are using RON95 It will also add 1-2hp Or 2-3hp like this As a B-Segment SUV The body size of this Proton X50 Sits between Mazda CX-3 and Honda HR-V And Geely Binyue or Proton X50 is Geely’s first model to use BMA modular platform And build the car When talking about BMA everyone will think of The CMA platform which I mentioned in XC40.

BMA Platform

Yes This BMA platform is When Geely and Volvo were developing CMA It has learned a lot of experience from it To create This “100% self-developed” modular platform So in other words CMA platform is used for C-Segment BMA platform is used for B-Segment not only for Geely Binyue / Proton X50 Next Geely Or Proton There will be more and more cars based on the BMA modular platform The whole X50 one thing I don’t like is the rear shape design I think the front of the car is very very beautiful Very young side profile is very muscular Very linear It looks like a Hot Hatch But just this LED taillight And the whole shape I don’t think I can’t get up Carbon Fiber sticker below Then there are four exhaust pipes This black Rear Spoiler The difference between Proton X50 and X70 is It does not have Power Tailgate So here you need to open it manually But Proton also provided it with Optional Accessories So you can talk to your Proton agent they can… About RM3,000+ like this They can help you install the power tailgate In terms of luggage space Proton X50 has 330 liters Just like Mazda CX-3 If you want to take the same B-Segment SUV It’s the Honda HR-V It just Much smaller than HR-V Because everyone knows space is Honda’s advantage¬† There is actually a spare tire underneath it.

Still, it’s Space Saver tires, Not a full-size spare tire, So if you buy the Proton X70 515L, Which is 185L more than X50, As usual, I’ll put this 32-inch XL blue large Luggage. Could you put it in? If you think it’s not enough, The rear seats also have a 60/40 split function. The sound of opening and closing the door is very nice. My height is 178cm. Quite enough legroom my leg won’t touch the driver seats Then headspace…

Four X50

Although it has a panoramic sunroof in front… ok Acceptable And its headrest is Very soft and comfortable, And its floor is almost flat let the person’s feet in the middle can have some legroom Although the difference between Flagship and Standard is quite big Four X50 have air vents at the back also have two USB ports on the back just the Standard has only 4 airbags You must buy a version above Standard then you can get 6 Airbags So in terms of material This thing can tell that it is Proton’s Level I will offend people if I say This thing can tell that it is…

I don’t want to spin In short It’s Hard Plastic Here is ok It’s pretty Chrome, it’s pretty Atas Leather wrap And REAL Stitching Not Fake Stitching Except for the minimum standard version, which uses Fabric seats The other three X50 models all use Leather seats But not the Nappa leather seat of the X70 The highest equipped Flagship and the next-level Premium with Red accent on it There is also a red-wrapped center console The last time I introduced the center console is wrapped in red is the Porsche Cayenne S Because this red is a bit burgundy The feeling of wine red Plus aluminum style trim And this kind of handrail.

GKUI19 Operating System

So at first glance It will really make me have Felt in Porsche Cayenne S You’ll know when you look back at my video For entertainment system All X50 using GKUI19 operating system the 1.5T Standard and 1.5T Executive comes with 8-inch screen and 4 speakers And the 1.5TGDi Flagship and 1.5T Premium comes with 10.25-inch 1920×720 Full HD Screen And 6 speakers for the instrument panel of the Premium and Flagship comes with Full-Colour LCD Screen In addition to Premium and Flagship Both support Proton Link App Just like X70 You can use the mobile app To unlock the car To cool the car in advance, etc.

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