How to Make $10 in Hour

Again, it depends on how difficult the files. Some people might be making $10 an hour if they are really fast typers. And they have effortless files that they’re transcribing. But anyone who’s telling you you’re going to make $25 an hour consistently transcribing, they’re not telling you the truth, okay, unless you have some private clients who are paying you that much money. This is a lower end paid job, especially for all of these different beginner transcription platforms.

Okay, so now the moment you’ve been waiting for, let’s break down each of these transcription platforms. These are all of the most common typical ones that you see or the ones that I have had some experience with. So I’m just going to go through them all one by one and talk about the pay rate and how easy the test is, and so forth. So the first one is the QA world; the QA world has a straightforward test, you have to listen to a file, transcribe it, take you like five minutes, you know, depending on your English level to get accepted, the pay rate is meager. Look how low it is. It is between five cents and 15 cents per audio minute to start.

QA World

So this is a meager pay rate. As I said, it takes you three to four times as long as a file is to transcribe it. So that means you’ll be making between five and 15 cents in four minutes, which is a lot of work for a meager pay rate. And it usually will take people even longer than that with the calls on the QA world. Because basically, what you do is you’re transcribing a conversation between call centers, so between a customer and a representative. And sometimes they’re quite difficult to hear. But this is the easiest job to get accepted into all of the different transcription platforms. Even just applying for the test, to practice, some type of transcription test is definitely worthwhile.

And if you can get a few words to get started, I would recommend this; the job availability, unfortunately, is quite low. I’m going to show you when we jump on into the QA world and see exactly what I mean. But you have to be online in the morning in the Philippines times. Usually, the job calls are released between in the morning and maybe to one or 2 pm. And that’s when you get calls that are released. And there’s a lot of people just sitting and waiting for the calls to be released. To click start work start a job. So if all of a sudden I see 30 calls pop up, you have to be super fast at accepting a call because they will go really fast. I have a little trick for that, which I will talk about a little bit later on. The payment method is PayPal, which is a worldwide job. So as long as you have a PayPal account, you can work for this company. Have I passed this test? Yes, I have, and I have a couple of videos on that as well. Now we’re going to jump into the QA world to show you what it looks like right now and see what kind of jobs are available.

Auto Refresh Plugin

Okay, so here we are in the QA world. And this is the dreaded thing that you will see there are no calls at this time. Please check back later. I have a tutorial on how to use an auto-refresh plugin and set it up so you can get a sound notification. This does automatically refresh, but you have to sit here and watch it to click start work on one of these calls. And it’s tiring because people who don’t smoke have time just to sit around all day waiting for a call to pop up. And usually, when the calls are released, it’ll be like 20, all at once. And they go so fast. And that’s because the QA world is the easiest transcription platform to get accepted into. So there are a lot of people waiting for work. You can see here, they have top transcribers, and they get access to more files.

For example, this guy between, you know, 400, and over 900 minutes in the past week, they have been transcribing a lot. But I think they also get access to the files before other people do. I was looking at this website a little bit earlier this week to see when you get calls that pop up. And usually, you get it in the Philippines in the morning. Between, you know, seven in the morning, and I don’t know, 2 pm in the Philippine time, but mainly in the morning, I saw calls popping up. But it is possible to get work, you have to be awake and by your computer during that the Philippine time in the morning, because that’s when calls are being released. Okay, so the second website we’re going to talk about is Scribie.

Final Words

And the test difficulty is average. I wouldn’t say it’s super difficult, but I would say it’s, you know, you have to have a pretty decent English level to pass. It is quite extensive. You get to pick one of the test files, and then you transcribe it. And then they will get back to you to say whether or not you passed. The pay rate is between 16 cents and 17 cents per audio minute. They have a pay rate of $10 per audio hour. And again, it can take you three to four hours to transcribe one audio hour. The job availability is quite high every time I’ve been on Scribie. There are always jobs available. Sometimes there are, you know, 5678 files. It is not like there are hundreds of files. But there’s always something to do on scrivi, from what I have seen. The payment method is PayPal.

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